Warranty Information 2015-2016

Self Help Maintenance Guide:


1.) Spray any liquid vegetation killer to outside perimeter 4 - 6 " away, 3 to 4 times a year.

2.) Keep edges trimmed with weed eater .

3.) Sweep or blow surface loose of any debris every 30-60 days.

4.) Install 2 sealant service within 3 yrs of invoice date. Average pricing of 10-15% of invoice total.


Asphalt deterioration is primarily caused by weathering, tree roots and /or the destructive effects of petroleum products. Since an effective preventative maintenance program can increase the lifespan of asphalt significantly, R.C. Paving and Son LLC, offers extended warranties, weed eat vegetation overgrowth, vegetation treatment, sweeping, filling cracks, potholes up to 2 x 2 areas, sealcoating, striping, furnish and install signage and wheel stops. Winter Services include potholes up to 2 x 2 areas, crack filling and striping only due to temperatures. Asphalt is a flexible, yet hard surface which moves and expands with the weather.Sometimes extreme temperature changes, overloading the pavement or problems below the surface will cause cracks and failures. Unattended cracks allow water to penetrate and will cause the eventual deterioration of the asphalt. For this reason, it is very important to have your recently paved surface inspected and reviewed each year to determine what, if any, services are necessary to properly maintain the asphalt for years to come. Our Extended Warranty Program includes preventative maintenance which will increase the lifespan of your asphalt significantly and save you from future costly problems. With typical pothole repair costs ranging from $1,000 - $3,000, it pays to insure your investment. The one year warranty you received on your recently paved surface can be extended to 2, 3, 4 or 5 years and includes:


1.) An annual inspection by a certified asphalt technician. Trained personnel will visit your lot and note any maintenance issues which can then be addressed or corrected.

2.) Fall & Spring Sweeping. Our street sweeper will broom clean your lot twice a year and remove sand, stones and debris that will cause pavement surfaces to wear out prematurely.

3.) Covered Maintenance Repair Services. R.C. Paving and Son LLC, will perform crack filling, pothole repair and surface pavement failure corrections as needed at no cost to you under the warranty.

*The 5 Year Warranty is the most beneficial to customers. After that period, regular maintenance services are recommended and priced according to the particular job. Pavement life is based upon many factors which include use, weather, moisture and plowing, as well as abrasion from sand, salt and debris. This comprehensive warranty program eliminates some of the causes that shorten pavement life, adding years to your investment. The choice is yours, repave in 15 years with no maintenance, or care for your property and extend the life of your asphalt for 20-25 years.
We provide a fully insured, large scaleSnow Removal Service, which includes:
• Truck plowing of large drives & parking lots

• Skid-steers for sidewalk & small lots

• Hauling and removal of piled snow

• Salting of parking lots, sidewalks & entranceways

During a typical snow fall, the plowing of all businesses will be completed by 8 AM. At apartment complexes, plowing will be done once before 8 AM and again after 9 AM to clean out parking stalls. Removal of snow will be upon 2” of precipitation and every 2” after. Heavy snow falls that occur over long periods of time, with significant accumulation may require more than one visit. These situations may require additional charges, for more details in pricing please call 757-539-3111

You can extend the 1-year warranty that was included with the completion of your project through R.C. Paving and Son LLC’s Extended Warranty Program.


Extending Your Warranty WILL:


• Reduce lawsuit liability from slip and fall injuries.

• Reduce insurance premiums with regular maintenance.

• Create a safe walking environment for your employees and customers.

• Reduce interior cleaning of tracked-in dirt from shoes.

• Prevent minor problems from becoming major problems.

• Reduce unexpected costs for lot repairs for the life of the warranty.

• Send a message to visitors that your business is clean and cared for properly.


Customer is Responsible for:


¤ Towing vehicles or have them moved at least 50 feet from the work area.

¤ Shutting down the sprinkler system the night before the project is scheduled.

¤ Materials are not guaranteed in areas of excess cracking, scraping from snow plows or areas where water is pumping up through the asphalt (wet weather springs).

¤ Please make sure Trash Pick-up is moved to a different day.

¤ Reschedule Landscapers.

¤ Notify all parties of the scheduled work and make other arrangements for deliveries, ect.To purchase R.C. Paving and Son LLC's Extended Warranty Program please contact Bobby Chavis Jr.